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18th long shopping night:
28th march 2009

18th long shopping night will take place on Saturday march 28th 2009 in the city-west with it’s special shop openings until midnight.
The Long Night of Shopping traditionally takes place in the night of the changing the clocks from wintertime to summertime. Taking part on this special event there are alltogether approximatly 250 shops, department stores, restaurants, bars and cinemas.

The long shopping night in the German capital offers a special event to all Berliners and Berlin-visitors. Twice a year, in Spring and in autumn, while the clocks change, Berliners and Berlin-vistitors can enjoy shopping and amusemant until midnight.

In Germany this is only possible in the international metropolis of Berlin during the long shopping night.

Live-Pictures of the Breitscheidplatz - please click on the right picture.

More than 500.000 costumers will be expected for the long shopping night in the City-West. That’s why this event has become the most successful "shopping party "in Germany.

We want you to celebrate with us on the famous shopping street the Kurfürstendamm!

Special opening hours of the shops on
Saturday 28th march 2009 until midnight.

Fair – (accompanied by a streetparty):

Wednesday, 25.03.2009 12:00-22:00  
Thursday, 26.03.2009 12:00-22:00  
Friday, 27.03.2009 12:00-22:00  
Saturday, 28.03.2009 12:00-24:00  
Sunday, 29.03.2009 12:00-20:00